If the buyer has passed on the wines, any right to claim and/or compensation will lapse.
Complaints do not entitle the buyer to suspend his payment obligation(s).

If a complaint is justified according to mkWines BV, mkWines BV will, at its own discretion, either pay compensation up to the invoice value of the wines in question, or replace the wines in question free of charge. Return shipment of justified complaints with regard to delivered wines can only be made carriage paid and is, after permission to return, at the expense of mkWines.
Return Policy
To return, please contact mkWines at [email protected] or by phone on
06 30249616
Returns are only accepted with approval from mkWines.
In the event of complaints and justified complaints about the delivered wines, these will be reimbursed or exchanged in accordance with the previous provision.
Returns of justified complaints are at the expense of mkWines.
Return/return of wines delivered by mkWines, is possible to the business address Oranjestraat 13, 2013XA Haarlem or can be picked up by mkWines.
All other returns are at the buyer's expense.

Opened/damaged bottles cannot be returned

Force majeure

MkWines BV may suspend the delivery of the wines, without being obliged to pay any compensation, in case of force majeure, which in any case (but is not limited to) includes employee actions, (road) blockades, failure of third parties engaged by mkWines BV, sudden business disruptions, sudden excessive illness of personnel, government regulations, refusal or lack of import license or other necessary government permission, impediment to imports or exports by governments or third parties, fire, extreme weather conditions (such as frost, extreme rainfall, storm), flood or other unforeseen events and circumstances make it impossible for mkWines BV to process pending orders without additional provisions or efforts